This is my second attempt at using oil paint. The first one was fairly successful, I painted my mom and she looked beautiful, and I promised myself I would keep on going. So here I am again, trying to continue learning and having fun.

Mom with my first oil painting.

The concept

For this second one I wanted to create something that didn’t exist. It is easy to copy something but when it comes to painting things that don’t exist I figured it would be harder. But I wanted to try. I am also a big fan of Salvador Dalí and surrealism in general. …

This is not intended to be a guide on how to paint with oil because I have no experience or idea. Everything I know is from videos, friends, and info gathered all over. So, my apologies first for any barbarities that I may write. This is just an explanation of my process and some advice I will give to myself next time I paint.

Oh and no, I don’t usually paint/draw. I have an engineering background. I code and design a bit. I did a couple of painting courses in the summer when I was 10. …

Anna Fusté

Women, nature, art, tech and good wine. Twitter: @afuste Instagram: @lleixart

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